Our Expertise

At Mobvilla IT we help you achieve IT Operations
Management results faster


UI/UX Design, Mockups, Wireframes, Prototypes, Usability Analysis, UI Animation.


Requirements collection, Specification development, Project initiation, Planning execution, monitoring and closing. Time Management, Cost management, Quality management, Human Resources management, Communications Management, Risk Management.


Points of Sales, Administrative tools, Data analysis tools, OCR Solutions, Data Processing tools, CRM Data migration tools, Client-server Applications, Bots.


Web Crawling, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Business Inteligence, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Big Data, Feeds, APIs, Connectors, DBA.


Integration with HTML/CSS, Configuration, Performance Optimization, Magento Extensions, Magento Upgrade, Migration to Magento, Maintenance.


System Administration, CI/CD, Backups, Monitoring, Automated code Analysis, Cloud Infrastructure, Database Administration, Security, Performance Optimization.


Manual QA, QA Automation, Functional testing, Non-functional testing, QA Process setup.

Frontend Developer

Responsive web, PSD/sketch to HTML, CMS Solutions, Mobile pages and Progressive web apps.

Mobile developer

Native Apps, Cross-platform Apps, Hubrid Apps.

Backend Developer

Cloud solutions, Web APIs, Backend for mobiles, Admin panels, Dashboards, Payment Gateways and System integrations.